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Boost up your website traffic to 2x with Facebook

Normally there is no one who doesn’t know the power of Facebook, Facebook audience. Facebook has a lot of audience therefore you can get more traffic to your website through Facebook.

But if you want to know more.
Want to tell me Facebook is the biggest social media platforms in the world. Everyone from a student to an older person, from womens to mens, from a simple person to an entrepreneur today everyone uses Facebook.

Through information about 2 billion people use facebook and this is increasing day by day.


As you want to get more traffic to your website. Facebook is the best way of achieve your goal. Every blogger needs an audience and facebook has a lot of audience.

What you need is to convert these audiences into your website visitors.

I always used to say that make your efforts to targeted audience if you are making efforts not for targeted audience your efforts are going into veins.

But how will you get more traffic to your website through Facebook?
How will you convert these audience into your website visitors?

If these questions are in your mind, you are in the right place. Today I will solve your problem and also give you some tricks to see more traffic to your website through Facebook.

  • Make a visibility
  • Create audience
  • Power of facebook groups
  • Use facebook ads
  • Secret to get more traffic to your website through Facebook

Make a visibility

If you want to increase your website visitors, first you need to be visible among your audiences so the audience will be able to understand your business what services you are providing? How can these services will help them? And if the audience will understand your business you can get more traffic to your website.

How can you make visibility among your audience?

Now you have decided to make visibility before your audience but how will you do this. Let me solve your problem, through a Facebook page.
You should create a facebook page for your business or websites. This will be the online location of your business where your audience will come and read your blogs, reviews and don’t forget to add a call to action button in your facebook page. You can create your business Facebook page through this step by step guide.

Create audience

Now you have your facebook page which means you have your presence on facebook then you need to create an audience means visitors who visit your page and like it and these facebook page visitors will become your website visitors.
How will you increase your likes on facebook? I am going to talk about exactly this in the next points.

Power of facebook groups

I always say that facebook groups are very powerful to get audience because this was the thing from which i get more traffic in the beginning, when I didn’t use anything to get traffic to my website I used to post my articles on relevant facebook groups here relevant means facebook groups of my niche. And I was shocked from their results it gives me 2x more traffic.
What you need to do is join the facebook groups in your niche and whenever you publish your article post them to the facebook groups. You will definitely get more traffic to your website.

Use Facebook ads

Facebook ads are great, you can target your audience with their age, location and sex. Means if you are giving facebook ads for a company related to women you can give ads only to womens it means you can show your product to womens only.
And if you are thinking about not to spend a penny in facebook ads. I want to say you that there are many pages in facebook its a large platform and with facebook algorithms organic reach of facebook has became less then 2% , So if you want to stand and make your business large you need to spend on facebook ads.

Secret to get more traffic to your website from facebook

Here is us now, it’s time to tell a secret 😉

I have seen many peoples making efforts for getting more like and follow for their page but not having good content always make sure you need to make your content more engaging, Always ask yourself what will this post is going to tell people before posting any post on facebook. Every post should have even one quality among these:

  • Inspiring
  • Entertain
  • Emotional
  • Informative

If you have done with post making just find anything in these if you didn’t find any of these you need to work more on your post don’t post, it.

So, these were some of the things you need to do for getting more traffic to your website with the help of facebook. Have I missed something lets me know in the comment box.

Hope this helps you and make sure to share.🙂

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